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About Rachel

I am a food writer and certified Yoga teacher currently living in Boston. I am originally from Hells Kitchen in NYC. New York will always have my heart but I am having a current love affair with the great city of Boston and all it’s delicious food. I grew up craving my next ice cream cone and begging my mom to take a trip to the grocery store. My nose was always in the kitchen and I constantly opened oven doors when I wasn’t supposed to.

I played competitive ice hockey for 12 years, and attended national training camp for two years but my life made a sharp turn in focus right before college when I stopped playing hockey and found that my love of food would guide me through the next chapter of my life. I am not really surprised that food came to the forefront of my professional life as it has always been in the center of my personal life and merging the two only seemed natural. 

When I think of my fondest childhood memories I see myself around a table eating with my family. Being around a table of food is one of the places that brings me the most comfort and a feeling of home. I am passionate about telling stories, both mine and other people's, with food always involved in some capacity.

I have a huge sweet tooth and eat sugar every day. It’s all about balance for me—Downward dog and donuts is my motto.


About Laurel

I am a food-obsessed painter currently living in Allston. I am originally from Atlanta, moved to Poughkeepsie, New York as a teenager, and moved to Boston in 2010 to go to school at BU.

It has always been evident to me that art and food are my two great loves in this life. I grew up in a large Jewish family where food was a means of celebration. We celebrated family time with nightly family dinners, celebrated vacation time by driving off course to some restaurant we had seen on TV, and celebrated Jewish holidays with the customary Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. Painting food is a natural way for me to savors those memories.

My paintings feature brightly colored foods from ice cream cones to artichokes. I had attended the Mill Street Loft art intensive programs in Poughkeepsie before college where I learned the foundations and techniques I used in my work then as I do today.

When I’m not busy painting or working on commission projects, I am a tour guide for the Bites of Boston Food Tour company, giving tours of the South End and Allston where I am lucky enough to get paid to talk about food for hours and hours in my two favorite neighborhoods in the city.

To see more of my artwork, head to


About Us

The Cake They Didn't Eat is a collection of essays about food, family, and friendship written by Rachel DeSimone and illustrated by Laurel Greenfield.


We met on the first day of our junior year of high school at the Millbrook School in upstate New York as random roommates. (Read "The Cake They Didn't Eat" on the blog for the whole story). We took frequent trips off campus to escape to the ice cream parlor and the rest is history. We both agree that you should always get two different flavors of ice cream and that baby cups are a waste.

We attended Boston University together and studied Hospitality Administration and then stayed to complete our Masters degrees in Gastronomy, a fancy way to say food studies.

We are best friends of almost 10 years who love adventuring, whether it be across the country, across the world, or to the neighborhood bakery to buy cookies and eat them on a stoop. Food is always at the center of our conversations, sometimes literally. In college we used to sit in the dining hall with a cupcake between us just for comfort and inspiration.

Throughout the Gastronomy program we both realized how important the topics of family, food, tradition, and nostalgia are to us and how important it is to capture and share these moments and memories. We have always wanted to merge our creative talents and started this blog to share our food stories and yours! Rachel writes all of the stories and Laurel does all of the illustrations.

Rachel DeSimone

Rachel DeSimone

Laurel Greenfield

Laurel Greenfield